Selected YDG DELEGATES would undergo practical training in diplomacy and its tenets, to develop their skills and knowledge in areas of “Diplomacy, International Affairs and Policy Advocacy”.

This would be achieved through interactive workshops, simulations,case studies, presentations and speeches from leaders in the diplomatic world.




YDG DELEGATES would be involved in expert research through partnership with civil society organizations and other agencies to support the decision making process with strategic analysis and policy insights.

YDG’s findings and commentaries would be published in its quarterly magazine called the “YDG Journal”.



YDG would initiate advocacy programs for interventions and policies from an international perspective, that reflect a commitment to the implementation and achievement of the Global Goals in Ghana.

This would be achieved through direct and continuous interactions and engagements with government officials and agencies, civil society,media, international organizations and businesses.


SDG Ambassadors

Selected YDG DELEGATES would become SDG Ambassadors in Ghana. By this, the DELEGATES would take up advocacy roles;pushing for policies from both the public and private sectors that reflect a commitment to the implementation and realization of the SDGs in Ghana.

Each DELEGATES would be expected to start an exciting initiative that leads to the achievement of one of the goals.