What is the Young Diplomats of Ghana all about?

The Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG) is a non-governmental and non-profit network that seeks to advance the development of a new generation of aspiring leaders and diplomats in Ghana, and to build their advocacy experience.

YDG thus provides a unique platform for young people looking for an opportunity to nurture and grow their leadership skills to engage with diplomats, government officials, civil society leaders, academia and business leaders among others to learn, network and exchange ideas as young global diplomatic leaders.

Through training sessions, policy campaigns and research, YDG Delegates are exposed to a network of capacity building and learning opportunities through their participation in simulation programs, conferences, meetings, top level interactions, foreign exchange programs etc.

This enhances their skills and mindset for personal and professional development and further broaden their horizon on the essence of “diplomacy” in the modern world to spearhead an agenda of employing diplomacy as a major tool to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana as Ambassadors of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

The Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG) is managed under the auspices of the International Perspective for Policy & Governance (IPPG) – www.ippgafrica.org


How can I be a part of YDG?

You can be a part of YDG as a Delegate or by subscribing to participate in our open programs such as the YDG Forum, Ghana Youth Meeting or the YDG Bootcamp.


How do I get to be a Delegate?

Students and young professionals who are 18 years or older but not more than 35 years desiring to be selected as YDG Delegates are eligible to apply when applications are opened.

After submitting a completed application form with the needed documents, shortlisted applicants would be contacted to go through a series of interviews and assessment, from which Delegates for a particular Cohort/Class would be selected to begin the journey.

The next application window for admission and selection of Delegates for our third Cohort (Class of 2020) is likely to be opened either in January or February 2019.

What do you look out for in selecting Delegates?

We seek to bring on board young vibrant Ghanaians who are creative, ambitious, knowledgeable and unique in their own way. More importantly, we seek to engage young personalities with an interest to learn and a passion for the sustainable development agenda of the country.

Potential Delegates must be news oriented, confident and eloquent, demonstrate an interest in diplomacy and international relations, and also exhibit an interest to serve his or her community to contribute to the development processes of the country.

We believe these qualities are essential for Delegates to have the best of the YDG experience and also gain the know-how to develop their professional and personal goals for the good of Mother Ghana.


Are there other opportunities with YDG aside being a DELEGATE?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, YDG engages Non – Delegates and young people looking for a “beyond the classroom” opportunity to grow their leadership and soft skills for their professional and personal ambitions in our quarterly open programs such as the YDG ForumGhana Youth Meeting and the soon to be introduced YDG Bootcamp.

Information and advertisement on these programs are announced from time to time on our Social Media Pages and also through our Email Subscription Service for which Non – Delegates and the General Public can subscribe and register to attend.

What next after I am selected as a Delegate?

Once you get this unparalleled opportunity to be selected as YDG Delegate; you would be required to participate fully in all YDG activities. Maximum commitment and enthusiasm for the cause of YDG would be demanded of you.

Each YDG Cohort/Class is to last approximately 6 months with an extra month for community service and project work. YDG activities and engagement of Delegates  are scheduled on a monthly basis, evenings and mostly weekends; providing a flexible schedule to accommodate both students and working professionals.

There would however be exceptions where Delegates would be needed for morning and weekday activities and travels.

Do I have to pay any fee for YDG application?

Yes, you are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of GHS 100 to submit and complete the application process.

Are there any financial commitment after being selected as a Delegate?

Yes, Delegates will be required to pay a Subscription and Commitment Fee of GHS 1200 for the entire 11- month duration of a cohort.  A part payment of GHS 600 will be required after confirmation of admission/selection offer within 3 weeks ahead of the official launch of the cohort. Delegates will then be required to devise their own flexible payment plan to settle the balance of GHS 600 within 6 months into the cohort.

Subscription and Commitment fee may be reviewed for every Cohort/Class to place us in a better position to offer the best for our Delegates.

What can you say about the Delegate Selection Process?

YDG Delegates are selected through a multi – step demanding process. Two Independent Committees have been put in place for the selection processes.

The Shortlisting Committee; comprising senior professionals drawn from various fields is responsible for shortlisting applicants for further assessment; by critically assessing and evaluating an application; with a primary focus on answers given by applicants at the Short Answers Section on the Application Form.

The High Level Selection Committee; comprising representatives from Government, the Diplomatic Corp, Civil Society , United Nations and the Private Sector would spearhead a series of interviews and interactions with shortlisted applicants; to select and name the final Delegates to begin the YDG Experience.