YDG Initiative

For many decades, young people in Ghana and the entire African continent have been disregarded on major issues of national concern and the decision making process. Efforts to develop the capacity and skills of young people aspiring for leadership positions and to harness their potentials to add up to the policy development and governance process have been nonexistent.

Further, majority of the funding and investments by donor agencies in relation to young people in Ghana and the continent are channeled into the informal sector, ignoring young people at the other side of divide who aspire for leadership positions.

Recognizing the centrality of diplomacy and leadership in entrenching democracy and good governance, coupled with the fact that; the future of the continent lies in the hands of young people;the Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG) initiative was born.

We believe the YDG experience will place young Ghanaians in the right position to contribute effectively and efficiently to policy development and the governance process of the country as young aspiring diplomats and leaders.